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Compare mobile phone recyclers below.  Our rating is based on the services provided by the mobile phone recycler, their mobile phone valuations and speed of payment.  You can write reviews too, and rate the sites once you've sold your mobile phone.

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Our rating is based on the services offered by the recycling program.

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waiting for the payment over 2 weeks. No response for the @

Reviewed by jo

I havent been paid two months later

Reviewed by Mr Cole

Never received a penny for my phone, Emailed to say they had the phone and then nothing. stay away from this company

Reviewed by sue spooner

WARNING DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY,i sent a number of phones to this company with no payment or reply for them,having tried to contact them by phone and e mail still did not receive a reply. Can ask the question is this company still trading? If not the comparison site should be directing people to them,their website sholud be removed from the comparison sites.As they are still directing people to this company they are as much at fault as the company and should be liable for compensation for people who have lost out. AGAIN PLS DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, MY RATING BIG MINUS 5 STARS.

Reviewed by Marc

do not use fonecraze , they stole my phone And are still at it.

Reviewed by Cr

this company are fraudulent, do not stick by contract rules and have effectively stole my phone, never received a payment wont reply to emails or calls. stay well away!!

Reviewed by emma

Do not use. The never pay up. They have had my phone since 9th March 2011 and I have not been paid like hudreds of others.

Reviewed by Tray Lee

do not use these people.

Reviewed by amanda barrass

Sent my 3 mobile phones to fone craze in February 2011.Still no payment even after sending me an email saying payment on way.I have been in touch with Met police and Tradin standards and still persuing my payment.Its now MAY 2011 3 MONTHS ON!They wont answer phones,emails or even registered letters.I am hoping Trading standards will take them to court.There are a lot of other dis satisfied customers according to the web. I would not recommend this company!!!!!

Reviewed by PETER FULLER

WARNING*** do not use this service they are a fucking disgrace, cheeky bastards offer me £33.50 for my blackberry so i accepted then 34days later they tell me its not worth it, its only worth £15 but for me to get it back i have to £12.50 admin fee.... 7 days more and the gobshite wanker still haven't give the £15..... not happy this company is a scamming scumbag outfit stay well clear

Reviewed by jase

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