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Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

Why Recycle?

84% of people in the UK have a mobile phone, and on average they are upgraded every 18 months.  That's a lot of old phones lying around!

When purchasing a new mobile phone you may think that recycling your old phone is a waste of time. After all, you may need your old phone in case the new one should be lost, damaged, or stolen. Contrary to what you may think, even the oldest of mobile phones have their value. If they didn't there probably wouldn't be such a high demand for them.


Most headsets can be refurbished; reports have found that only about 3-4 per cent of mobile phones are beyond repair. Even if a phone is deemed unrepairable it can still prove to be useful. Traces of metal like silver, gold, copper, and platinum can be used as jewelery. The nickel found in batteries can be used to make stainless steel for saucepans. Traffic cones and sheeting can be created from melted down plastics. 

Mobile phones go through a series of tests when they arrive at a mobile phone recycling center. The phone's IMEI number is compared with the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) database to make sure that it is neither stolen nor lost.

Helping Charities

Thanks to mobile phone recycling, charities are able to donate phones to organisations in countries like Malawi, Ethiopia, and Delphi. The refurbished mobile phones are then sold for a minimal amount or given away for free. 

Since some customers are looking for a fully working phone without paying full price, a number of mobile phone networks will purchase "reconditioned" phones and offer them to customers at a reduced price. Oftentimes these kinds of phones have sustained damage like cracked screens.

Benefits to You

Recycling your mobile phone is not only beneficial to charities and mobile phone recycling companies, but can be beneficial to you as well. Recycling your old phone can put extra cash in your wallet, or you can choose to have the money donated to a charity of your choice. You can check online to see how much your old phone is worth, an option that is both hassle-free and financially-free as companies often pay for shipping. You can be content with the knowledge that your old phone is neither taking up space as clutter in your home, and neither is it taking up space in an already overflowing landfill. Recycle your old phones to reduce waste and do the environment as well as yourself a huge favor.

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