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Compare mobile phone recyclers below.  Our rating is based on the services provided by the mobile phone recycler, their mobile phone valuations and speed of payment.  You can write reviews too, and rate the sites once you've sold your mobile phone.



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I got over £100 for two phones that were just sitting in a drawer, I was very pleased. The pack arrived almost immediately and payment was in my bank in a couple of days. My phones were not in perfect condition either so it was a nice surprise to get the full amount.

Reviewed by Martin Robson

DO NOT USE FOR THE SAKE OF A FEW £'s!!! Strongly advise against using this company. Offered me a fifth of the price quoted on the site, & then lost my phone in the post when I refused. On top of that, I still haven't heard anything from them at all.

Reviewed by Marco

Sent my phone to Mobile Cash Mate because they were offering around £10 more for my phone and as it was working with absolutely no damage to it I sent it off. On receipt they offered me £9 less then their original offer claiming my phone had scratches to front and back. I declined the offer and phone was returned. I have checked it and there are definitely no scratches whatsoever so be warned. They want to suck you in with their high offer but end up offering the same as the other companies in the hope you'll just accept their offer as they've already got the phone.

Reviewed by Susannah

This company did not uphold the agreement it made. I sent them a perfect phone but recieved less than agreed with no explanation. I do not reccomend this company.

Reviewed by L Leigh

I was a bit wary of using Mobile Cash Mate because it had a lot of bad reviews on-line. But I was happy enough with the results. I think basically, if your phone is in mint condition, and your biggest concern is getting the best price, then you're they're probably worth a go. I was quoted £36 for my handset, and after sending the phone in they reduced it to £28. The highest quote elsewhere had been £26, so I was still pleased with the results - though there's hardly much in it. My phone was in excellent condition, but before sending it in I took photographs as proof of the condition it was in before mailing, and made a note of any defects. Although it was in good condition, when I looked very closely there were a couple of small areas of scuffing etc. - I think that any phone which has been used is going to have some sort of marking - so it's unlikely you'll get the full price they quote. But if your phone is in excellent condition, I reckon their prices are still quite competitive. If your phone has a reasonable amount of scratching etc. you're probably better off going to someone like O2, who will give you a more professional service. The turnaround time of Mobile Cash Mate wasn't bad, but I'm sure the main phone companies are a bit slicker.

Reviewed by Jessica

Do not send your phone here!they offer you a different price to what was quoted then i received the phone back with a dent on the back!

Reviewed by Stephanie

Strongly recommed not using this company. Sent my phone and they stated they received the packaging but no phone hmmm along with all of the other bad reviews I should have known better. Total rip off merchants.

Reviewed by Rig

Rubbish company. Claimed phone was scratched and scuffed so offered half the original offer. When I complained they highered the but still third off the quote. Got phone back they had boxed it with battery loose so now it is scratched...

Reviewed by TRAS

Avoid. Don't waste your time. Phone was in mint condition. Tried mobile cashmate as they had the best quote. Thet then offered me less than half the original quote, saying the handset was covered in scratches. I asked them to return the handset and surprise surprise, they upped the quote. Still not a fair offer though so after much emailing I finally got them to return the phone. Thankfully, they hadn't damaged the phone, unlike in other reviews I have read in hindsight. Please avoid.

Reviewed by Catherine

was quoted 201 for an iphone 4s, it did have a few minor scratches so they offered 135 which was far too low. they sent the phone back, but I was disappointed that they did not return the original box that is was sent to them in, so I didn't have it to use to send the phone to another company. so all in all, price wise, and so on not impressed, wouldn't use again.

Reviewed by nicola bleakley wadlow

Wish I had read the reviews first, Like so many others, sent my phone in pristine condition, expecting the offer quoted (£70). Email received saying damaged, I told them to return the phone, they came back with a 2nd offer, which I refused also. Phone eventually returned and guess what....surprise, surprise they had used some sort of filing instrument and proceeded to file away the top left hand corner of the phone....Unbelievable..

Reviewed by SDF

Had an HTC sensation to sell, checked the price offered £59, ok great, will send the phone in, it was basically new as was a replacemnt handset, all i ever did watch switch it on to make sure it worked, then left it in the box. Anyway, just recieved the offer - at only £44. States there was a scuff on the side????? There were no scuffs when I sent it in. Cannot state clearly enough. AVOID USING THIS COMPANY, THE ARE OUTRIGHT LIARS WHO CHEAT YOU OUT OF MONEY

Reviewed by Craig Henderson

These people are rip off merchants. First they offered £26 online for my phone. Then when I actually got into their site it was £17.25. Then once I'd registered it went to £17.00. Then once they had my phone it went to £9. This is a common thread and they should be avoided.

Reviewed by Nick Richmond

I sent my mobile blackberry z10 to them in a hurry and quickly packaged it up. Sent it on Saturday, and the Monday was a bank holiday. I then decided to read reviews on mobile cash mate. Uh oh, bad idea. Lots of very bad reviews which made me worry a lot. I sent them an email on the Tuesday to see if they'd received my phone and Wednesday morning got an email very promptly saying yes, then that evening another saying my payment had been processed! Checked account this morning, thurs and there is my £201 as promised. Very happy with this, I worked myself into thinking I would get this due to other reviews but I think it's easy for people with bad experiences to write reviews as a 'get your own back' but people with good experiences usually don't bother. So due to this I wanted to let people know I had a very very good experience with them and do recommend them. Just be wary I suppose that the price given may be lowered due to cosmetic wear, but as my z10 was brand new with the protective stickers on it, I did receive the full promised amount. Thank you mobile cash mate :)

Reviewed by Lucy

Do NOT use this company. They will not pay the amount quoted on their Internet Site using the excuse of scratech etc. You will not receive an email from them containing their revised offer, using the excuse thats its your own computer system that caused the non delivery. They automatically recycle your phone within 48 hours of their supposed email so you can't get your phone back!!

Reviewed by Alan

I would never use this company again or recommend them. My phone was in excellent condition but when they received it they altered the price, I only wish I had read other reviews, I have never experienced this before with other companies.

Reviewed by Sharon Brown

Extremely concerned by this company's ethics. Sent my phone off I'm mint condition and they emailed me back knocking £11 off quote for light scratching. Not really wanting the hassle of them returning it and going through the whole process again, I clicked the link to accept the offer. One week later and still no payment! So I emailed them and their response was worrying. Apparently I'd clicked both the accept and reject button so they didn't know what to do. Now, firstly I can read and do highly doubt that I did click both. But more importantly, they made no effort to contact me on encountering this confusion?? So I can only assume that they were hoping to retain both phone and payment. I have to wait another 3 days for payment now but won't hold my breath!

Reviewed by Miss Nicolaou

Would advise against using this company - do not stand up to price they quote initially, all they ask is if the phone is in working condition or not then they go and knock the price offered down for ANY scratches. Other companies do not do this, don't be fooled by their higher offers for your mobile, you're better off with envirophone or mazuma mobile, tried and tested those with no hassle.

Reviewed by K. Chaudhry

Do not use this company. I wish I had read other reviews before sending my immaculate iPhone to them for a cash reimbursement. THEY DO NOT PAY WHAT THEY ADVERTISE. My phone was absolutely blemish free. Even Phones4u said so. Their price was actually higher than I got from this company and there would have been no expensive postal costs to pay either. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by Penny

Same as everyone else. They offered the best price but when they received it they offered me about 50% claiming scratches. The phone was three weeks old. Looks like they were always going to try this. Shameful, unprofessional behaviour. DO NOT USE.

Reviewed by Adam

Very happy with your service.All emails were answered promptly and money received as agreed.Thank you

Reviewed by Beverley Howell

I sent off 2 mobile phones, one was not in the best condition but worked fine, the other was immaculate. I chose Mobilecashmate as it was the best offer by far. The not so great phone was reduced from £10 to £6, the reason given was 'phone has scratches on the screen, aswell scuffs on the outer casing' which I agree with. However, the immaculate phone which always had a case and a screen protector on was reduced from £70 to £60 for the same reason. There were no scratches or scuffs anywhere on that phone!

Reviewed by Kirsti

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